• High washing power at 20°C to 60°C
  • For sensitive sport, outdoor and function garments
  • Preserves membrane functions and breathability
  • Contains Neutraroma®: the innovative technology neutralises unpleasant odours and gives clothing long-lasting freshness
  • Ideal as preparation for impregnation using bionicdry® wash-in impregnator
  • To the ingredients


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(1 cap = 40 ml)

bionicdry – LET'S GET SPORTY

Jonas Meyer, amateur football player
„My football jerseys have to put up with quite a lot: grass stains, earth and sweat. Bionicdry® gets everything spotless and it also smells great. My girlfriend thinks so too.”


Sports and outdoor fans need smart gear and functional outfits which are comfortable to wear and are suitable in all weathers. But they also have a lot to deal with: sweat, dirt, rain and wind. Whatever the venue – at the fitness centre or in nature – being active leaves marks, which are sometimes difficult for the materials: surface soiling from dirt, rain or sun cream as well as mechanical strain or sweat residue weaken seam sealings and coatings, which could affect the breathability and the water-repellent properties of the textiles negatively.

This is where bionicdry® sports detergent comes in. The balanced washing formula and innovative fragrance technology Neutraroma® cleans, freshens and cares for sensitive membrane textiles. Washing with bionicdry® removes all harmful deposits without damaging textile micropores. But there’s also a second application. If your favourite anorak no longer stood up to the last downpour and the drip-off effect has gone, it’s time to renew the impregnation (e.g. using bionicdry® wash-in impregnator). bionicdry® sports detergent is precisely matched to preserve the bionicdry® wash-in impregnator. It is an excellent preparation for your function clothing before renewing the impregnation.

Wherever you are, indoors or outdoors, bionicdry® prepares your outfit for your next sports adventure in no time at all.

Neutraroma® – Anti Odour System

Jogging, spinning, power yoga – all sports that really get you into a sweat. Even if function outfits dissipate perspiration to the outside thanks to their breathability, the smell of sweat still remains in the clothing. Is there any way out here? Yes, of course – add an extra bit of freshness! The bionicdry® sports detergent contains the innovative, patented aroma technology Neutraroma®. It combats and neutralises unpleasant odours and gives your textiles a long-lasting fresh fragrance.