• Free from perfluorcarbons (PFCs), patented high-tec impregnation
  • For function textiles such as outdoor, sports and function garments
  • Waterproofing: protects against humidity, snow and watery dirt
  • Preserves breathability
  • Application by machine wash, hand wash or with sponge application
  • To the ingredients

DOSAGE: Per kilogram dry laundry 100 ml to 150 ml (= 4 – 6 caps/kg)


Machine wash:

Do not use detergents and bionicdry® in the same washing cycle.

  1. Wash the clothing according to the manufacturer's instructions by using less detergent. Leave the wet clothing in the washing machine.
  2. Remove any detergent residues from the main washing chamber.
  3. Put bionicdry® into the clean main washing chamber (see dosage recommendation). Select the delicate programme and wash the clothing at 30°C.
  4. Remove the textiles, then wring them out slightly, then let them air dry.

Hand washable:

  1. Mix bionicdry® with 10L of water (see dosage recommendation).
  2. Soak the clothing in the mixture. Soaking time: about 20 minutes.
  3. Remove the textiles, then wring them out slightly, then let them air dry.

Application with sponge:

Evenly apply bionicdry® with a soaked sponge. Check initially on a hidden area. Also suitable for tents, rucksacks and sun sails.


Vera Gratzl, Product Developer
“Even as the developer of bionicdry® technology, I’m always excited of the great great impact we achieve with our patented formula.“


Outdoor and function textiles have to be breathable, provide protection against wind and weather and keep you dry and warm even in rain and snow. For this reason they were pre-impregnated at the factory. The more you wear impregnated garments, however, the more they lose their protection. So for a long-lasting moisture protection, the impregnation needs to be refreshed from time to time. This is where our bionicdry® impregnation products come in. Thanks to the patented high-tec impregnation formula, they provide an effective, powerful impregnation of washable function textiles as well as sport and outdoor garments.


The idea behind bionicdry® impregnation comes from nature itself. A ladybird has perfect moisture protection thanks to its shell. bionicdry® tansfers this principle to the special textile care. The bionic impregnation formula comprises active ingredients such as organic chitosan as well as special impregnation substances which are free from harmful perfluorcarbons. This formula reliably boosts the water-repellent and functional properties of function textiles and outdoor garments while retaining breathability.

Did you know…?

The majority of impregnation agents today still use perfluorcarbons (perfluorcarbon compounds) which are harmful to health and the environment. These substances are released to the environment via the impregnation. There they become deposited since they are not biodegradable for either nature or the human organism. Environmental organisations such as Greenpeace have been bringing public attention to this hazard. Through their “Detox Campaign”, they succeeded in convincing international fashion brands and textile suppliers to ban perfluorcarbons from their production up to 2020.