innovative treatment for SPORTS and outdoor TEXTILES

Glove skier in mountain

Sports and outdoor fans need smart gear and functional outfits which are comfortable to wear and are suitable in all weathers. But they also have a lot to deal with: sweat, dirt, rain and wind. Whatever the venue – at the fitness centre or in nature – being active leaves marks which are sometimes difficult for the materials.

This is where bionicdry® comes in: bionicdry® is your new brand for cleaning and looking after high quality sports, leisure and function clothing. Bionicdry® products make sure that your clothing is optimally cleaned and cared, so your body feels natural, dry and comfortable in all weathers.

With its special balanced washing formula and innovative fragrance technology Neutraroma®, bionicdry® sports detergent cleans and freshens sensitive function textiles and prepares them gently for later impregnation using bionicdry® wash-in impregnator. This in turn renews the impregnation in your function clothing to make sure it remains water-repellent and breathable for as long as possible.

For areas which are difficult to reach, for instance seams of ski gloves or outdoor backpacks, you can apply bionicdry® Intensive Impregnator with an extra sponge applicator for an easy and more targeted usage.

bionicdry® – The new brand ensures top care of your sports and outdoor textiles.

bionicdry – LET’S GET SPORTY

Jonas Meyer, amateur football player
”My football jerseys have to put up with quite a lot: grass stains, earth and sweat. Bionicdry® gets everything spotless and it also smells great. My girlfriend thinks so too.”


Vera Gratzl, Product Developer
"Even as the developer of bionicdry® technology, I’m always excited of the great great impact we achieve with our patented formula.“